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Key to Kansas

Program Information

  1. General Information
  2. Using the Program

General Information

The Key to Kansas is an interactive program which enables students to study the history of Kansas by browsing pertinent web sites. The Table of Contents lists the time periods which make up the subject matter for this program. Each section has general information about a specific time period. Throughout the text in each section, links are set up to other web sites which provide more detailed information about specific events, places or people. Each section includes Study Guide questions and vocabulary words in italics.

In addition, there are other sources provided in this program to help learn about the history of Kansas. The Biographies page links to information about famous Kansans. The Glossary page links to definitions of words and phrases. The Kansas Today page links to current information about Kansas. The Resources page lists other resources for learning about Kansas. The Search page finds matches for specific words or phrases. The Sights & Sounds page has links to various sights and sounds about Kansas. The Timelines page links to information for a particular time period or topic in Kansas' history.

This program also includes Teacher Resource Files with Student Activities that can be used for class or group assignments, crossword puzzles, answers to the Study Guide questions, and other curriculum resources.

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Using the program

This program works as does any other online website. In order to use the links to other web sites you must be using a computer which is online and connected to the Internet with a browser. Navigation bars are provided in the program either on the right, top, or bottom of each page. By using the mouse and clicking the link in the navigation bar you can browse to any page in the program. You can tell you are on a link when the mouse icon turns into a hand. The link is shown in the status bar at the bottom of the browser. You can also use the Back and Forward buttons in the browser's toolbar to return to previously viewed pages.

Links to other web sites are identified by Underlined Text. When you click on these links you will be connected to the web site whose address is linked to the text. A new window will open up to allow you to browse the sight without losing your place in the Key to Kansas.

Text followed by a symbol indicates a link to a slideshow about that particular topic. Click on the symbol to view the pictures.

Paper copies of a particular web page can be printed by using the Print command in the File menu of the browser.

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