The Old West Crossword Puzzle

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1legal term for going broke (8)
4a town settled by Mennonites (9)
7party created by the Farmers' Alliance (8)
8city which in 1875-1885 was largest cattle market (5)
13sheep and cattle ranchers fought over these rights (7)
14famous journalist for Emporia Gazette (5)
15transportation which brought settlers from the East (9)
17name given to Old West towns (7)
19African American settlement (9)
211874 massacre of 6 surveyors by Indians (8)
22prevent entry (9)
24famous in a bad way (9)
26Act passed to encourage white settlers to come to Kansas (9)
27Kansas is one of the top producers of this crop (5)
28people who move to another place or country (10)
29played a major role in protecting settlers and fighting Indians (5)
30kill a large portion (8)


2having a great effect (8)
3name of sheep ranch established by immigrant (10)
5very dry weather (7)
6closed off the land making it difficult to drive herds (6)
9invasion which devasted western Kansas (11)
10herds decimated by white travelers and settlers (7)
11show preferences against someone (12)
12_________ Lodge was a site of treaty signing in 1867 (8)
16one who measures the land (8)
18Nickname for lawman James Hickok (8)
20desired strongly (7)
21Swedish settled here (9)
23Indians who were hostile in western Kansas (8)
25first woman mayor of a town in Kansas (6)

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