Kansas Becomes Part of the US Crossword Puzzle

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1disease which resulted in many Indian deaths (8)
4another name for exchange of goods (5)
6buying and selling (8)
7large group of wagon trains (7)
9trail to run freight between the U.S. and New Mexico (7)
10person who moves from one area to another (8)
12obstacle (9)
16government negotiated these with Indians (8)
17large land purchase made by U.S. (9)
20general term for Indian tribes originally living in Kansas (6)
22missionary who tried to convert Indians to Christianity (6)
25land which was set aside by U.S. government for Indians (11)
26Kansas called "Great American ___" by early explorers (6)


2traveled through Kansas in early 1800s (4)
3farmstead which was a stop on the Santa Fe Trail (8)
4section of land (5)
5fort bulit to maintain the peace along the Indian frontier (5)
8puchased land from Napoleon (9)
11family who operated ferry across the Kaw river (7)
12founder of Council Grove. (4)
13refine (8)
14killing unresisting people (8)
15first military fort in Kansas (11)
18travel across a place (8)
19protection from disease (8)
21teamed with Clark to explore new territory (5)
23Christian mission near Council Grove (3)
24main goods sought by traders travelling to Santa Fe (4)

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