Beginning Government Crossword Puzzle

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1the ________ Compromise was repealed by the Kansas-Nebraska Act (8)
8city attacked by Quantrill (8)
10played a major role in early Kansas educational system (7)
11nickname for Kansas just prior to Civil War (8)
12Fort used an agency of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (6)
16site of proposed proslavery Constitution (9)
18trail to West Coast (6)
19Fort which was a home of the Buffalo Soldiers (4)
21Kansas supported this side in the Civil War (5)
22fort whose troops served in the Mexican War (5)
24search and destroy (7)
26name of first state Constitution (9)
29Confederate general defeated at the Battle of Mine Creek (5)
30led the 7th Cavalry (6)
31dangerous (9)
34known as the Starvation Trail (9)
35_____ Staters-name given antislavery proponents in Kansas (4)
36killing unresisting people (8)


2types of elections the first state Constitution allowed women to vote (6)
3Fort which was site of first Territorial capital (5)
4mail route to West Coast (11)
5Kansas became a state just prior to this war (5)
6leader of antislavery group (5)
7Commander of Army of the Frontier (5)
9first governor of the state of Kansas (8)
13type of warfare in Kansas during the Civil War (8)
14Progressive Governor of Kansas (4)
15in favor of (9)
17group of troups (10)
20small battle (8)
23storage place (5)
25cattle trail from Texas to Kansas cow towns (8)
26westernmost fort in Kansas (7)
27lobbied for women's rights in new state (7)
28______ Ruffians-name given proslavery proponents in Kansas (6)
32trade route to New Mexico (7)
33first territorial governor in Kansas (6)

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