1941 to the Present Crossword Puzzle

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1the ability to move to different places (8)
4World War II planes manufactured here (7)
7Expression of a person's heritage (7)
9Kansas running back in Pro Football Hall of Fame (6)
12highway system bringing transportation to isolated communites (10)
15emit dangerous rays (11)
18first Kansan to be elected President (10)
19largest Corps of Engineers lake in Kansas (7)
23first woman U.S. treasurer (5)
25underground water source used by farmers (8)
26made Kansas a "dry state" (11)
28bombs that ended the war in the Pacific (6)
29African American photographer and novelist born in Kansas (5)
30built to control flooding (10)
31attacked Pearl Harbor (8)
32Hall of Fame bseball player from Kansas (7)


1top souce of income for Kansans since the 1950's (13)
2a natural part of something (10)
3within the authority of a ruling body (12)
5Kansan who was part of the regionalist artistic movement (5)
6Kansas playwright who wrote Splendor in the Grass (4)
8manufactured B-17's and B-29's (6)
10a distinguished position (10)
11___ vs Board of Education" dealt with segregatio (5)
13a long tale of events (4)
14immediate (13)
16influential Kansas member of the U.S. Senate (4)
17an awareness (13)
20party which has dominated Kansas politics (10)
21this practice allowed farmers to plant crops requiring more water (10)
22German prisoners held here (9)
24location of Eisenhower library (7)
27I like ____ - slogan for Eisenhowser in 1952 Presidential campain (3)

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