Prehistory Crossword Puzzle

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1abundant rock found in Kansas (9)
3lifestyle of travelling from place to place (7)
7name of civilization of Prehistoric Indians in Kansas from 1000 B.C. to 1 A.D. (7)
11may have caused extinction of some animals (7)
13Explorers which began written history of Kansas (7)
15The largest classification of geologic time. (3)
17Francisco Vasquez de Coronado looked for this (4)
18reason French wanted territory around Kansas (5)
19tribe who's women were highly respected (6)
21geological ___ shows layers of earth over time (3)
22inland ____ once covered Kansas (4)
23they look at how and when land was formed (10)


2The Kanza Indians referred to themselves as the "People of the _____ Wind." (5)
4Woodland Indians were called "___ Builders" (5)
5common type of sedimentary rock found in Kansas (4)
6Indians which moved on to Texas (7)
8they study the artifacts of ancient peoples (13)
9laid claim to Kansas in 1682 (6)
10hunted by prehistoric Indians (9)
12to speak in favor of something (8)
14Indians which moved on to New Mexico (6)
16took over land claimed by the Plains Indians (8)
18enabled Indians to produce more garden food (5)
20dwelling place made of hides stretched across poles (5)

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