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5Western Meadowlark is the State ____. (4)
8fossil fuel found in southern half of Kansas (3)
9number of senators from KS in U.S. Congress (3)
10part of state which is flat and arid (7)
12underground water resource (7)
13major industry in Kansas history (11)
20land height (9)
23CottonWood is the State ____ (4)
24decscription of racial characteristics (6)
26state flower (9)
27local goverment (9)
28number of representatives from KS in U.S. Congress (4)
29state animal (7)
30State Motto: "To the ____ through difficulty" (5)


1part of state covered by areas of forests (7)
2Kansas constitution declared it a ____ state (4)
3Highest Kansas court (7)
4prarie preserve near Manhattan (5)
6described by physiographic map (9)
7state capital (6)
10crop brought to Kansas by Mennonites (5)
11number of branches of state government (5)
14Kansas is divided into 105 of these (8)
15attorney general is state's top _______. (6)
16State song is "Home on the _____" (5)
17branch which decides meaning of laws (8)
18leader of the executive branch (8)
19central part of state includes the ____ Hills (5)
21legislative branch makes the ____ (4)
22type of prairie (9)
25became the 34th state January 29 (6)

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