Early 20th Century Crossword Puzzle

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1right to vote (8)
5political movement in Europe which led to World War II (7)
8replaced the need for horses in farming (7)
10initials for federal program which sponsored construction in the 1930's (3)
11This market collapse started the Great Depression (5)
12fossil fuel found near El Dorado (3)
13a belief in the superiority of a certain group (6)
14famous female aviator (7)
15storms which resulted due to lack of moister and soil conservation (4)
16showing self-restraint (10)
19type of farming used to conserve usefulness of land (3)
20major epidemic at Camp Funston which killed many trainees (3)
23wanting to remain alone (12)
24Hall of Fame bseball player from Kansas (7)
25Progressive Governor of Kansas (4)
27Communist Party member from Kansas who ran for President (7)
29ran for Governor; known as the "goat gland" Doctor (8)
30savage or brutal acts (9)
31nationally know editorial writer (5)
32to keep apart (10)
331890-1901 (7)


2to take back a mortgage (11)
3industry in Wichita which was a major factor in economic development (8)
4only Native American to be elected vice-president (6)
6labor unrest caused a strike at these Kansas mines (4)
7recruited by railroads to come to Kansas (8)
9to speak in favor of something (8)
10one time heavy weight champion of the world (7)
17group which caused division in the Republican party (12)
18active in shutting down bars and saloons (6)
20Camp ___" was military training center at Fort Rile (7)
21to preserve a resource (12)
22Kansas governor who ran for President (6)
26early aviation pioneer (6)
28Democrat elected Governor in 1910 (6)


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