Ancient Greece & Rome Crossword Puzzle

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1. Hellenistic sculpture
4. Invented by the Athenians
7. Doric, Ionic, Corinthian
8. Ancient Greek sculptor
9. The Romans excelled at this
12. Restrained
15. Attributing human traits to animals
19. A view emphasizing the worth and dignity of persons
20. Art that exaggerates form, gesture, and emotion
21. Simple style of column



2. Style of art emphasizing idealized representation of subject matter
3. an eye in the ceiling
5. Having to do with the sea
6. Spread by Alexander the Great
8. Elected "tyrant"
10. Leader of Roman empire
11. Style of the "discus thrower"
12. Where we find Greek sculpture
13. Home to first democracy
14. Greek Peninsula
16. City destroyed by volcano
17. More elaborate style of column
18. Early primitive state

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