Ancient Egypt Crossword


2style of Egyptian art (10)
6most successful ancient Middle Eastern society (5)
9River in Egypt (4)
10sacred animals in Thebes (4)
11Inspired Egyptian tomb art (8)
13conforming to nature (10)
14a painting covering a large area (5)
17female Pharaoh (9)
18combine more than one element (9)
19view of faces in Egyptian art (7)
20the ruler of Egyptian society (7)
22the ruling class (11)
26mysterious; unable to be understood (8)
27to decline (4)
28ancient society in Middle East (11)
29Egyptian deity (4)


1Tomb _______: at the bottom of Egyptian society (8)
2annual Nile event (8)
3son of monotheistic Pharaoh (3)
4wild and exotic imagery (9)
5preservation technique of ancient dead Egyptians (7)
7city of Ancient Egypt (6)
8something which exists (6)
10set of rules for portrayal of Pharaoh (5)
12name for ancient cemetery (10)
15location of Egypt (6)
16something replaced by another thing (11)
20religious temples and burial sites (8)
21city of the sun god (6)
23portrayed naturalistically in tomb art (7)
24the last Pharaohs of Egypt were ______ (6)
25Egyptian art is found here (5)

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